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Fanny Blake HOUSE of DREAMS Family Secrets Spilled in SPAIN with Donna Freed on Radio Gorgeous

16 Jun 2016

    Fanny Blake HOUSE of DREAMS Family Secrets Spilled in SPAIN with Donna Freed on Radio Gorgeous Another in-depth interview with well known critic and author Fanny Blake. Welcome back Fanny! http://www.fannyblake.co.uk FB: https://www.facebook.com/FannyBlakeBooks Twitter: https://twitter.com/FannyBlake1 @FannyBlake1 Liked this? Why not listen to this: https://audioboom.com/boos/4619365-freya-north-tells-us-why-romance-will-always-be-relevant?t=0 www.radiogorgeous.com : sign up for women’s stories & women’s lives 

Katherine Wilson ONLY in NAPLES: Lessons in Food & Famiglia GORGEOUS KITCHEN with Donna Freed

17 May 2016

Katherine Wilson Only in Naples: Lessons in Food & Famiglia GORGEOUS KITCHEN with Donna Freed Katherine Wilson had the great good fortune and accidental wisdom to fall for her future husband’s family, town and culture. With each story and spoonful of her indomitable mother-in-law’s cooking, you too will fall in love. http://katherinewilsonwriter.com Follow: https://twitter.com/kwilsonwriter FB: https://www.facebook.com/KatherineWilsonWriter/ Love food?…

Could you LIVE on a Canal Boat? Meet Hannorah she Lives the Gorgeous Life with Nicola Kidner

12 Jan 2016

Could you live on a canal boat? 7.03 minutes long Gorgeous Lives: Hannorah Lee, Life on a Houseboat with Nicky Kidner Hannorah Lee talks about the challenges of a houseboat lifestyle. She and her boyfriend are continuous river cruisers with no fixed address who started out on a narrowboat but have recently designed and commissioned…

Where is safe to travel? GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

10 Nov 2015

  Where is safe to Travel? with Sarah Tucker   Better Safe Than Sunny Say Fraidy Brits!   In travel – like anything else – perception is everything. In the past, Brits have been relatively impervious to threats of terrorism or natural disasters but we have become more cautious. Money has always been the first…

Healing Sources – Spas and Wellbeing from the Baltic to the Black Sea by Sophie Benge SPA DIVA

06 Aug 2015

Sophie Benge talks to Josephine Pembroke about her gorgeous book Healing Sources – Spas and Wellbeing from the Baltic to the Black Sea. This interview takes you on a beautiful journey through the contemporary and ancient spas of Eastern Europe. Great insight into traditional treatments set in the most breath-taking architecture and scenery. Find out…

Bird in a Biplane – Tracey Curtis Taylor

09 Jul 2015

    Bird in a Biplane – Tracey Curtis Taylor Tracey Curtis Taylor was totally inspired to fly her biplane the same route as Mary Heath, who was the first woman in the UK to hold a professional pilot flying licence. This took Tracey from Cape Town in South Africa up to England in her…

Pitch Up, Eat Local by Ali Ray

10 Jun 2015

Pitch Up, Eat Local (Camping and Caravanning Club) Ali Ray wants you to connect even more with the places you are visiting by eating the foods that were grown, fished and farmed in the surrounding area. Here’s how to get more bite out of your holiday experience! To research her new book, Pitch Up, Eat…

Private Malta & Airport Parking Solved!

04 Jun 2015

  Private Malta & Airport Parking Solved! The ever peripatetic Sarah Tucker talks travel: you booked the flights, accomodation and rental car; but when your flight leaves at 5 am, what do you do with your car?  Do you despair of a holiday where you only scratch the surface, never really seeing how the natives…

O My America! Sara Wheeler

22 Apr 2015

O My America! We talk to explorer Sara Wheeler about her celebration of six 19th-century lady travellers who courageously left Britain in order to seek new lives in America. Extreme traveler Sarah Wheeler turns to a more prosaic journey by crossing the United States of America in the footsteps of six British women of the…

Tripadvisor Complaints & Looking Good on Long Haul

19 Mar 2015

Sarah Tucker travel writer talks about Tripadvisor Complaints. Listen to her vivid and sometimes funny story here on Radio Gorgeous about her summer from hell. She also talks about how to look and feel good after 14 hours flying long haul  economy, don’t we need that? Sarah has written a poem about her experiences with…

VERONA ITALY & Travel Trends GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

21 Jan 2015

Verona Italy  Our intrepid traveler Sarah Tucker returns to Verona in Northern Italy after 30 years in search of romance and is pleasantly surprised at its unspoiled charm. Verona has something for everyone: fantastic food, lovely castles, a rebellious history and fun for kids as well as Romeo and Juliet style romance. And what are…

Cohousing? Could you do it? Springhill Gloucestershire

04 Dec 2014

Ever thought that for you, conventional family or ‘community’ living isn’t working? On the edge of a steeply valleyed town in the heart of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds rise a cluster of timber-framed buildings reminiscent of Scandinavia. The inhabitants of Springhill are inspired by a lifestyle slowly spreading in a worldwide movement called co-housing. The aim…

Explore the YUKON Canada

19 Nov 2014

    Intrepid Sarah Tucker and her 15 year old son visit the Yukon in her latest Gorgeous Escapes. First, Josephine has to figure out exactly where it is! Discover stunning natural beauty combined with super friendly hosts (Canadians!)   www.sarahtucker @madasatucker  Enjoyed this? Why not sign up for us at iTunes?  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/radio-gorgeous/id603913179?mt=2 

Susan Osman China Radio International, Reinvents herself & creates a new career

30 Jul 2014

  SUSAN OSMAN – CHINA Susan Osman decided that news presenting possibilities in Bristol (where she worked with our very own dear Josephine) and London. China seemed the new frontier so she applied for a job but as she was wildly over qualified she was asked to set up a morning radio show, China Radio…

The Landmark Trust – GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

16 Jul 2014

   The Landmark Trust & THE A-Zen of Travel SOME HOLIDAYS LEAD TO DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY WHILE OTHERS GET RID OF EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE – WHICH ONES SHOULD YOU AVOID? An innovative travel book published this summer claims while some holidays will help deal with the stress of every day life, other journeys will add to…

Dinah Jefferies THE SEPARATION Author of the Week on Literary Lusts

29 May 2014

  Dinah Jefferies THE SEPARATION Author of the Week Resourceful Dinah Jeffries drew upon her early childhood memories of the last gasp of Colonial Malaya as the setting of her first novel The Separation. She was able to relive the past with her mother through old photographs but also drew on a tragic experience of…

LUXURY RETREATS on GORGEOUS Escapes with Sarah Tucker

10 Apr 2014

Length: 22mins    LUXURY RETREATS Josephine and Donna attempt to manage their new phones and react strongly to gender stereotypes then and now. Ah, the joys of new stuff! Intrepid traveler – and yoga teacher – Sarah Tucker takes on the companies that jack up the prices during school holidays and then retreats… spiritually, physically, with a…

3 Romantic Cities in ITALY – GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

13 Mar 2014

Podcast length: 28:11 Gorgeous Escapes: Sarah Tucker’s Grand Tour of Italy Savvy traveller Sarah Tucker gives us her top tips for Venice, Florence and Rome. Take the tour: stand for coffee in Venice, beat the crowds in Florence and immerse yourself in the revamped Coliseum in Rome. Start with a weekend in Venice, the better…

TRAVEL Antarctica & Malta via Buenos Aires – Sarah Tucker on Gorgeous Escapes whats hot and whats not 2014

30 Jan 2014

 Length  25.00 More images of Sarah’s travels below just scroll down This week, our new travel correspondent Sarah Tucker brings you Gorgeous Escapes. She tells us about her 8 day expedition to Antarctica with her son and 90 other people ranging in age from 7 to the late 70’s. Sarah was overwhelmed by the sight…

The Mary Killen Interview: Sophie Sarin Hotelier from MALI

26 Jan 2013

  The Spectator’s agony aunt, Mary Killen, interviews Swedish-born Sophie Sarin, creator of a stunning and award winning mud hotel in war-torn Mali, in Africa. Sophie explains how she built the popular hotel – Djenne Djenno and how the war in Mali has stopped tourists visiting the hotel which is situated in the World Heritage…