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Radio Gorgeous the UK’s longest running all women podcasters Est. 2011



Radio Gorgeous is the brainchild of Josephine Pembroke. Created in October 2011 by three women. Radio Gorgeous has is for for the bold, intelligent and vibrant women who want in-depth interviews. You may listen to our podcasts online, on your phone or on your tablet. On Radio Gorgeous you will only hear the female voice. Giving women a much needed platform to talk.

Now in it’s seventh year and with over 17,000 listens a month we have secured advertising with audioBoom and can be found on over 25 different global podcasts platforms; including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, audioBoom and Mixcloud.

We now have sponsors: Sainsbury’s Magazine, Henpicked, In The Moment Magazine, The Oldie and The Amorist. We give the longest in-depth interviews, always over 15 minutes and even up to an hour long in a relaxed, inquisitive and supportive atmosphere. We can now interview live with the Audioboom app as well as creating produced and edited content by our expert team.

We now have over ten part time staff creating podcasts for women by women.

Radio Gorgeous supports Women: Women support Radio Gorgeous. 

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Josephine has worked at BBC Radio Bristol, Purbeck FM and OnFM and has now creates podcasts for women.  Josephine has been a jazz singer and a cabaret artist, she created, styled and managed the eponymous 90′s all girl act club Pussies Galore. She lives in West London and is married with two children and a cat. Hobbies are power walking, listening to radio, yoga and she sings Jazz to relax. Josephine was trained in radio by CSV media in Bristol and in radio production at Lambeth College.

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Bossy and enthusiastic


DONNA FREED – Producer & Presenter

Donna Freed, a native of New York, is a writer and translator living in London since 2005. In New York, she worked variously in television production, waitressing, wine sales and interior design. Drunkmommy.blogspot.com is a blog in the form of an episodic memoir of her experiences since becoming a mother and realising how very unprepared she was for the role.

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Loud and a smartypants


SARAH TUCKER –  Presenter & Producer of Gorgeous ESCAPES

Sarah is an award winning journalist broadcaster and best selling novelist. Sarah has written seven novels four travel books and the A to Zen of Yoga, A to Zen of Travel and in 2016 A to Zen of Zen, Money and Men. The book of brilliant Balances also out in summer 3016 focusing on teaching yoga to primary school children. Her most successful books are The Playground Mafia and The Last Years of Being Single.

She is travel editor of the The Richmond Magazine and sister titles and freelances for National magazines and newspapers. Sarah usually wears a hat.

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Free spirit and Motivated



Caitlin is currently working at BBC Radio 4, mainly on the Food Programme and Food & Farming Awards, but also across Any Questions and Arts and Poetry programmes. She switched to radio after a stint in TV working on the One Show and Springwatch. She loves radio and has made a radio documentary about isolation amongst elderly people while studying an MA in Multimedia Broadcast Journalism at Falmouth University. She recently recorded her first interview for Radio Gorgeous and when she’s not in radio land, she’s galloping across fields and cooking.


Dependable and fun


BREE FORRER –  Senior Editor

Bree is a photographer and an editor for Radio Gorgeous. She is from Newcastle in Australia, she married an English man and so she now lives in London. Bree worked on Radio back home and is very excited to be working for Radio Gorgeous. Bree has a gorgeous daughter and she stumbles through life with boundless optimism and perhaps a touch of good luck.

Mother figure and enthusiast

AMANDA RUIZ – Presenter & Producer

Amanda Ruiz is a born entrepreneur; in fact her mother says running a business was in the breast milk!  Her very early years were spent at trade shows with her mum’s bead business, Janet Coles Beads; she bred and sold guinea pigs in the local town market, graduated to selling bracelets on the black market aged 11 at school, went on to work for the family business helping at fashion shoots, PR and sourcing beads from all over the world. A perfect job! She loves the microphone and was a hostess in the British Pavilion at Expo ’92 in Seville, welcoming thousands of Spanish tourists and dignitaries, selling Great Britain to the international visitors. She went on to set up her own fashion ecommerce label, which she dubs was her personal MBA. She is now known as The Ultimate Door Opener as she constantly seeks out opportunities and openings for her clients.

Gorgeous Entrepreneurs

Unashamed lover of all things Latino 


NICKI BANNERMAN – Presenter & Producer

Nicki Bannerman works in presenting and reportage on good news channel ‘Leisure FM’ community radio for lifestyle news and events stories, appears as one of BBC Essex Radio’s ‘Loud Women’ guests and has worked in marketing, PR and business development for Virgin, Viacom and Time Warner in the UK, Europe and Australia. She went self-employed in 1999 representing luxury lifestyle and leisure brands including Dreamworks Films as her first ‘dream come true client’ (hiring BAFTA and the British Museum Egyptian Sculpture Gallery) and Newmarket Racecourses (launching the first-ever Ladies Day with fashion and champagne brands, TV and Celebrities) and recently launched the first UK wine centre with gastro restaurant and handled publicity with blogger journalists at High Street Fashion week pop-up event. She was trained at marketing college in London and Cambridge and has a passion for radio broadcast journalism about inspiring women and their human interest stories and is over the moon to be podcasting documentaries for Radio Gorgeous.

Presenter/Producer of women’s human interest, lifestyle and topical stories

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Passionate and enthusiastic with non-stop ideas!


ELIZABETH KINDER – Present & Producer

Elizabeth is a regular feature writer for fRoots, the world’s leading magazine on world music – covering events in Ethiopia, Borneo, Sarajevo and Seville. She has a Masters in ethnomusicology from Goldsmiths College where she co-ordinated a public lecture series for its ground-breaking research facility, the Centre for Contemporary Music Cultures. She presented and produced programmes on world music for Channel 4 radio and has written for the national press.

Elizabeth is also a musician. She plays sax, bass and pedal steel guitar and has played on sessions for bands as diverse as Primal Scream and Belinda Carlisle; from Top Of The Pops to Radio 4. She teaches music and saxophone. Elizabeth ditched any chance of a lavish rock’n’roll lifestyle to join the horn section of West London-based no-hopers The Love Trousers, allegedly working on a follow up to their “double B-side” debut single. Elizabeth is currently working on TV documentaries looking at the transformational power of music as well as a very personal film about her life since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007.

 Music and Features

Investigative and stimulated



Ever since she can recall Jane’s been a keen observer of human nature, how we relate to each other, what ambitions and goals we have, what emotional issues and problems we experience. And since Dr. Jane qualified as chartered psychologist she’s been successfully helping people identify and deal with all kinds of emotional issues from relationship problems to work stresses. Dr. Jane helps people move forward with their lives and their relationships in the best possible way.

As well as working for the NHS and running a busy private practice, Dr Jane’s written a best-selling book offering help for emotional eating. She’s also in demand to give her expert psychological advice to newspapers, mags and online on all sorts of topics. She’s a regular on ITV’s This Morning and is absolutely thrilled to become the Radio Gorgeous regular Agony Aunt and problem solver. If you need Dr. Jane’s help get in contact at info@radiogorgeous.com

Intuitive and clever 

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 Abby Weaver – EDITOR 

A young welsh girl who’s trying to make it in London, Abby is a fun loving student studying radio. She loves nothing more than international music, film and culture. On her days off she’s either at a gig or music festival. To make her happy, simply make her a good cup of tea.
Tea loving music & radio enthusiast 




Jess studied Broadcast Journalism at university while immersing herself in the world of student radio. She’s now turned her attention to radio production and has set her sights on working and living in the big city. Currently, she works at Wise Buddha. She lives in the Surrey countryside with her family and two cats and if she’s not listen to or editing radio and music, she’s most likely dancing to it.

Music & animal & dance lover 



Babooska is the Radio Gorgeous cat. When we bought him we were told he was a girl, hence the pink cat carrier, the pink blanket and the girl’s name. He has manned up and he now ‘owns’ his name which means ‘country granny’ in Russian. He loves sitting in on interviews and has secured his own place on the infamous Radio Gorgeous sofa. He loves chicken and duck and fighting all the black and white cats in the area. He has a very loud purr and a long, unmanageable mane.


Loves: hot spots near radiators : can be demanding when peckish